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5,000 years ago and counting : Man has sustained and thrived with the assistance of  nature. The ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Nomadic Norseman, and even Biblical accounts have listed key ingredients including essential oils as natural remedies for man's survival through many trials and tribulations. "The earth has secrets," my gram would say. Throughout her long life, she proved herself and history, repeatedly. May we bring to you the best the earth has to offer.

Our family has been working tirelessly for decades to formulate the purest and most earth-friendly formulations and proven natural remedies we could come by. It has taken many years of research and constant vigilance to bring to our customers the very best, natural products and essential oils available at an affordable price. We have carefully chosen product suppliers that have proven, time and time again, their committment to preserving our world with measures of sustainable farming to organic growth and practices that assist in making our products the best they can be. We know that our decisions impact the futures of our young. We want them to grow up and share with future generations the importance of natural living, and earth stewardship. She is our cradle, playground and resting place. It is up to all of us to make sure she stays strong and beautiful to welcome new life, in cycle, for many years to come. 

Animals are not humans. They have some similarities, but the comparison stops there. All our products, designed for humans, have been tested and proven on willing, human subjects. End of story.  Our family has gone to great lengths to save many animals who have gone on to live long, healthy, wonderful lives. The only exception to this rule has been the employment of accepted natural applications BY A VET, for our canine boy, Racecar. (He was left to be good as dead as a 6 month old "premie"after being diagnosed with a liver shunt and epilepsy.) Racecar is living a happy life with us now as a senior, approaching 12 years old.  If you have questions regarding the use of essential oils and natural remedies on your furry, feathery,  or scaley friends, we will do our best to accomodate you with information to share with your  local family veterinarian. Just like health care professionals for humans should be consulted for any specific health questions, the same holds true for our animals. The qualifiable answers of a good veterinarian are the only ones to go by. :)