Inspired by the scents of ancient woodlands where time seems to stand still. The scent is deep, fresh and balsamic with mossy-green undertones. This blend of essential oils provides clarity and ease to a city-worn mind. Natural remedies that have the essential oils of this blend are known to promote free-breathing and cleanliness.

"Ancient Forest" Aromatherapy Blend © 4oz

  • Although our essential oil blends come pre-diluted in gentle carriers that allow them to be used as massage oils, skin-patch tests should still be conducted to guard against skin-sensitivity. If sensitivity does occur, do not use. Aromatherapy blends can be added to spritz bottles with purified water and/or alcohol as a fragrant room spray. Be sure to shake well before application as different oils have different viscosities and may separate. Keep away from open flames, animals, children, pregnant women and epileptics.