This is a blend crafted of the finest floral essences and essential oils we have ever had the pleasure to come in contact with on the face of this planet. The ingredients in this mix require hours of tireless extraction of the fleeting and ephemeral qualities from the sources from which they hail. Due to the nature of the constituents of this blend, it is special order only. We feel its total essence lives up to its title. Bright Blessings. :)

"Angel Wings" Aromatherapy Blend © 15mL

  • Although our blends of essential oils come pre-diluted in gentle carriers that allow them to be used as massage oils, skin-patch tests should still be conducted to guard against skin-sensitivity. If sensitivity does occur, do not use. Aromatherapy blends can be added to spritz bottles with purified water and/or alcohol as a fragrant spray. Be sure to shake well before application as different oils have different viscosities and may separate. Keep away from open flames, animals, children and pregnant women. Although the essential oils and essences found in this blend have historically been used in natural remedies for peaceful release in palliative care, the caring physician must be consulted prior to use.