Steam-distilled from the flower buds of Eugenia caryophylatta from Indonesia. Clove oil has a warm, spicy, rich scent. This oil has been prized for throughout history for its phenomenal antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. It is a warming oil that also has pain-relieving efficacy. As always, all our essential oils come to you pure and uncut, ready for your own natural remedies.

Clove Essential Oil 15 mL

  • Clove oil should ALWAYS be diluted for topical applications. A wise rule of thumb is to dilute with clove not exceeding 1-3 percent in the dilution. Always check for skin sensitivity in a small area before topical application. If sensitivity results, do not use. Pure essential oils are of very high potency. Less equals more and often require dilution with a carrier oil like olive, almond or jojoba. Essential oils should never be taken internally unless under the care of a qualified, naturopathic medical practitioner. Always keep away from pets and children, pregnant women and sensitive areas such as eyes and mucous membranes. People sensitive to aspirin and anti-coagulant activity (such as people on Warfarin) should consult with a physician before use.