Reminiscent from a time seemingly long ago, yet strangely familiar. The bright and sunny citrus envelopes a creamy vanilla middle that dries down into a happy memory of previous summers and many more to come. The constituents of this pleasant blend are purported to be both uplifting, and soothing to nervous debility, anxiety and depression. A great summer splendor that actually reaches out to people year-round.

"Dreamsicle" Aromatherapy Blend © 2oz

  • Although our essential oil blends come pre-diluted in gentle carriers that allow them to be used as massage oils, skin-patch tests should still be conducted to guard against skin-sensitivity. If sensitivity does occur, do not use. Aromatherapy blends can be added to spritz bottles with purified water and/or alcohol as a fragrant room spray. Be sure to shake well before application as different oils have different viscosities and may separate. Keep away from open flames, animals, children, and pregnant women.